Sunday, July 10, 2022

The Fifth Commandment - Upholding the Sanctity of the Family


Fifth Commandment – Upholding the Sanctity of the Family  Deut 5:16

Hymn 117:  Passing on the Message 

The Lord’s Prayer  (Luke 11:2-4)                  

Psalm 44:1-8 – Exhorting Us to Trust In God


Bible Readings: 

Family Responsibilities – Deut 5:16; 6:1-9                

Family Relationships – Ephesians 5:22 - 6:4   

God – Our Father and our Mother – Galatians 4:22-31     

It is Not Always Easy! – Gen 27:6-17,

Summary of Readings

·                     The Family is the core of our society

·                     The Fifth Commandment sets out the importance of the family, and the respect that should be directed to the authority of the head of the family unit

·                     Our parents represent our origin, where we have come from

·                     There is also a reciprocal responsibility on parents to show a good example and teach their children the principles and lifestyle set out in the Scriptures

·                     God, the Almighty Creator, is our Father and Mother, and in that parental role demands our allegiance in all things

·                     If we attain to the relationship with God that Jesus taught we can hold a hope to be preserved alive in spirit and soul and body until Jesus Christ ‘s return, and be changed from mortal to immortal beings without passing through physical death.

Hymn 13:  Wiling Hearts                                 


 Hymn 128:  Worship The Lord                                          


Thursday, June 9, 2022

And God Spake All These Words - The Ten Commandments


Outline of Service 12th June 2022

And God Spake All These Words  - Exodus 20:1


Hymn 119:  Come Worship the Lord   

The Lord’s Prayer  (Luke 11:2-4)                  

Psalm 119:97-104 – How Sweet are Thy Words Unto My Taste!


Bible Readings: 

Requirements of God’s Covenant  – Deut 5:1-7, 22-33               

Honouring God and Others – Isa 58:1-14                 

Keep the Commandments – Matthew 19:16-22       

Love – the Fulfilling of the Law – Romans 13:8-14   

Summary of Readings

·                     After delivering Israel from slavery in Egypt, God gave them some simple, basis rules to follow in their relationships with Him and with each other

·                     God realised that whilst they may have been “simple” they were not easy to keep as they required a focus on someone other than themselves

·                     Jesus explained that true fulfillment in life comes from showing love one to another

·                     If we seek to show love towards God and others we will find true purpose in our own lives – Jesus Christ said, If a man keep my saying, he shall never see death (John 8:51)

·                     We believe that this will be literally fulfilled in those who are alive and obeying God’s Commandments at the return of Jesus Christ to this World.

Hymn 22:  Wiling Hearts                                 




Hymn 6:  God’s Promises                                       



Thursday, May 26, 2022

Wait for the Promise


Outline of Combined Churches Service 29th May 2022

Wait For The Promise  Acts 1:4


Singing -                                                                                Terrigal

Naming and Dedication Ceremony –                                Terrigal

Whitsuntide Preparation Update (2-3 minutes about getting ready):

·        Terrigal

·        Windsor

·        Sydney

·        Singleton

(Terrigal leaves to conduct local Service in Terrigal Church; Online Service continues)

Hymn 51:  The Spirit of Truth Brings Clear Vision         Singleton

The Lord’s Prayer  (Luke 11:2-4)                  

Bible Readings: 

A Vision for the Future – Isiah 61:1-11                       Windsor

The Promise of Pentecost – Joel 2:23-32                  Sydney

Promised Power – John 14:15-27                              Singleton

Ascended Jesus Christ to Return – Acts 1:1-11        Singleton

Summary of Readings

·                     In Isaiah God speaks about the time to come when His Spirit will come upon people and cause them to do His Will;  this was clearly fulfilled in Jesus, but also alludes to the last days

·                     Joel also talks about the promise of God’s Power which Peter said was fulfilled on the First Day of Pentecost (the Former Rain), but which also refers to an outpouring in the Latter Days – the Latter Rain

·                     Jesus explained that the Holy Ghost (the Comforter) would come with Power to overcome the evil within us so that we can be obedient to God’s Laws and Commands

·                     At Whitsuntide/Pentecost we look for this Power to come and for it to abide and remain with us to prepare us for His return.

Hymn 34:  The Promised Anointing                                  Singleton

Message                                                                      Windsor

Hymn 90:  Living Examples                                               Singleton


Tuesday, May 3, 2022

Key Messages from Psalms


Key Messages from Psalms  Ps 100:3

Hymn 105:  Thank God for His Greatness

The Lord’s Prayer  (Luke 11:2-4)

Psalm 100:1-5 – Serve God with Gladness

Presentation – Key Messages from Psalms

Bible Readings: 

God’s Glory in Creation  – Psalm 19:1-14

God’s Grace – Psalm 13:1-6

God Requires Holiness – Romans 1:16-25 

Summary of Readings

·                    The Book of Psalms offers guidance, comfort, understanding, and support in developing our relationship with God

·                    Psalms presents so many attributes of God and attitudes which we think of as “Christian” (or New Testament), but they represent God’s generic nature

·                    Psalms sets out the hope that our sins can be forgiven and we can have assurance of life in the resurrection, but also presents a hope of being delivered from the grave (“for a generation to come..”)

·                    Jesus included the Psalms in the Scriptures which prophesied His first coming – however they also prophetically announces His Second.

Hymn 3:  The Time is Come 


Hymn 125:  Agree with Jesus


Sunday, March 27, 2022

Psalms Book 3 and Leviticus 1 Peter 2:9


Outline of Online Service 3rd April 2022

Psalms Book 3 and Leviticus 1 Peter 2:9

Hymn 106:  Enter Into God’s Presence

The Lord’s Prayer  (Luke 11:2-4)

Psalm 84:1-5, 10-12 – Rejoicing in God’s House

Presentation – Psalms Book 3 and Leviticus

Bible Readings: 

God’s Presence Lev 26:1-13         Psalm 76:1-2      John 14:23-27

Holiness              Lev 11:44-47      Psalm 81:1-4      1 Pet 1:13-21

Sacrifices            Lev 16:29-34      Psalm 85:1-4      Rom 12:1-2

God’s Covenant Lev 26:40-46      Psalm 89:1-4       2 Cor 6:14-18

Summary of Readings

·                    The Book of Leviticus has four main themes – God’s Presence, Holiness( of the Priests), Instructions about Sacrifices, and God’s Covenant with His people

·                    Within Book 3 of Psalms – Psalms 73 to 89 – the themes of Leviticus are frequently referenced

·                    The instructions in Leviticus - given by God to Moses over a period of four to six weeks - detailed God’s worship requirements for Israel in the newly completed Tabernacle, including purification for the Priests

·                    Scripture makes it plain that in the Last Days there will be a people prepared who will be a Holy Priesthood to God and through them He will show His Power to the World (1 Peter 2:9)

·                    Do you feel drawn to this Calling – to present your life (wholly in spirit and soul and body) - to obey and follow God’s instructions?

Hymn 20:  The New Covenant 


Hymn 90:  A Holy People


Friday, March 11, 2022

Insights from the Book of Psalms


Outline of Online Service 13th March 2022

The Book of Psalms  1 Chron 16:7

Hymn 123:  Relationship with God

The Lord’s Prayer  (Luke 11:2-4)

Psalm 106:1-5 – God’s Greatness

Presentation:  Insights from the Book of Psalms


Bible Readings:

Offerings of Thanksgiving to God:  1 Chronicles 16:1-36

Understanding God’s Word:  Nehemiah 8:1-12

The Scriptures Must be Fulfilled:  Luke 24:44-53

Summary of Readings

·                    The Bible has 66 Books, written by 40 authors over 1500 years

·                    Like the Bible, The Book of Psalms itself was written by many authors; it is thought to have been compiled by Ezra after the Captivity

·                    The Book of Psalms contains the middle chapter (Psalm 117) and middle verses (Psalm 103:1-2) of the Bible

·                    The Book provides insights into how people felt, especially after key Biblical events, and the Sections confirm a continuing relationship with God across changing societies and cultures

·                    The Psalms provide support, comfort and instruction for emotional needs in our relationship with God, and with other people

·                    The tools in Psalms show us how to cope with life’s issues, as we seek eventually “to dwell in the house of the Lord  forever” (Psalm 23) – either with a spiritual house in the resurrection, or a physical house should our spirit and soul and body become the temple of God at Jesus Christ’s return. 

Hymn 118 – Tune 111:  A Tried and Proved Refuge 


Hymn 32 – Tune 34:  Holding the Promise of Life


Thursday, February 10, 2022

The Rich Man and the Beggar


Outline of Online Service 13th February 2022

The Rich Man and the Beggar  Luke 16:31

Hymn 59:  The Promised Universal Rest

The Lord’s Prayer  (Luke 11:2-4)

Psalm 49: 1-9 – God Will Redeem Us

Bible Readings

The Rich Man and the Beggar:  Luke 16:19-31

The Rich and the Poor:  Prov 13:6-7

Wisdom and Strength:  Eccles 9:13-18

Thy People Shall Be Delivered:  Daniel 12:1-13

They Lived and Reigned with Christ:  Rev 20:1-15 


Summary of Readings

·                    Jesus told a parable that left no doubt that there will be a life here-after, and that our condition there depends on what happens here

·                    The parable refers to worldly possessions, but also shows that the spiritual intent of our hearts makes us poor or rich towards God

·                    Jesus gives some insights into what happens after we die, after the first resurrection, and at the end

·                    References from the Old and New Testaments explain that there will be a resurrection of the righteous when Jesus Christ returns, but unbelievers will suffer the second death and separation from God for a further thousand years

·                    However, there is also the hope to be delivered from (physical) death, and to be preserved in spirit and soul and body to put on immortality

·                    Do you believe the Words God has already given to instruct us, or like the Rich Man, are you continuing to want further proofs? 


Hymn 26:  All Things Anew! 


Hymn 80:  Liberty for All