Tuesday, January 14, 2020

History Changing Events: Noah and the Flood

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Outline of Service 26th January 2020

History Changing Events: Noah and the Flood  Gen 6:8

Hymn 118 – Tune 115:  Hope and Love

The Lord’s Prayer from Luke 11:2-4

Psalm 46:1-7, 10-11 – Our Refuge and Strength

Bible Readings:

·     Noah Found Grace:  Genesis 6:5-8, 13, 17-18; 7:11-17, 24

·     A New Start:  Genesis 8:15-22, 12-15

·     The Flood, the Ark and Baptism:  1 Peter 3:12-22

·     Have We Learnt!  Matthew 24:35-39, 42-46

Hymn 21 – Tune 13:  Waiting for Deliverance  

·     As a result of the Fall the thoughts of people’s hearts became evil continually

·     There was one line of faithful believers who stayed loyal to God’s ways

·     God physically destroyed all the people in the world He had created, except for Noah and his household, but gave Noah the opportunity of a New Start

·     Jesus pointed out that the general way of the World will again diverge from God as the end of this World approaches, but there will be a faithful group that does continue to follow God (through His grace)

·     The flood was a type of Baptism, whereby our sins can be washed away

·     Entering into the Ark is a type of dwelling in God’s Spirit, following a life of obedience to God’s laws and commandments

·     Those in the Spirit (the Ark) will be saved wholly (in spirit and soul and body) until the coming of the Lord Jesus Christ, at the end of this World order. 

Hymn 51:  Are You Preparing!


Friday, January 10, 2020

History Changing Events: The Creation and Fall

History Changing Events: The Creation and Fall 

Hymn 26:  A Creation with a Plan

The Lord’s Prayer from Luke 11:2-4

Psalm 33:1-11 – A Great and Powerful God

Bible Readings:

·     God created the World:  Isaiah 40:1, 12-17, 25-31

·     God has a Plan:  Job 38:1-13

·     A New Creation:  Revelation 21:1-14

Hymn 99:  The Creation Reveals the Creator  

·     We believe that God created the World and has given us understanding about His Plan

·     God has revealed details about His Plan to us through His Word, the Bible

·     He has given us not only information about His creation, but about how we should live our lives for our own good whilst here on Earth

·     The Bible also gives us detail about the New Heaven and the New Earth that will come into being when the era of this world passes away

·     We have a very real hope that we might be eye-witnesses of these events and seek to be preserved in spirit and soul and body until the return of Jesus Christ to this Earth – in perfect relationship with Him. 

Hymn 59:  The Creation Complete


Monday, December 16, 2019

The Battle is the Lords: Choose Life

Outline of Service 22nd December 2019

The Battle is the Lords: Choose Life Deut 30:19 

Christmas Carol:  It Came Upon a Midnight Clear

The Lord’s Prayer from Luke 11:2-4

Isaiah 40:1-5, 25-31   – God’s Comfort and Power

Bible Readings: -                                             

·     The Battle in Array:  Deuteronomy 30:15-20

·     The Coming(s) of the Lord:  Malachi 3:1-3, 4:1-6

·     John the Baptist – the Herald:  John 1:19-28

·     The Return:  Matthew 24:1-7, 42-46

Hymn 14 – Tune 6:  Jehovah Rules and Reigns  

·     The Ultimate Battle is that of good over evil, God over Satan, of life over death

·     The Lord first needed to come and establish His Authority over sin and to reconcile mankind to God, but then He will return to show His Power over evil and Satan

·     At Christmas we remember His first coming, in a humble way, but His return will be mighty and victorious

·     As we wait on the Lord, we should seek to understand His expectations for each one of us in our daily lives – this is how we engage in the battle

·     We believe there is a special blessing shown in the Scriptures for those who will be preserved alive in spirit and soul and body and be changed wholly at His return; they will be living witnesses that God has won the battle over sin and evil within the lives of those who fully trust in Him. 

Hymn 119:  The Victory Complete


Thursday, December 5, 2019

Christmas Service - While I Live will I Praise the Lord


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Order of Service 11.30 am 8th DECEMBER 2019

While I Live will I Praise the Lord

Psalm 146:2

Presenter:  Anthony Gray

1.     Community Singing including

This is the Day (Psalm 118:24) – with Nathan


2.     Welcome and Lord’s Prayer

3.     Vocal Item – Shirley and Carolyn (confirm)

4.     Psalm:  God is Our Helper – Psalm 146:1-10

5.     Item by Jessica (to be confirmed)

6.     Carol

7.     Young People’s Item

8.     Poem  Brydie

9.     Musical Item –– Teresa and Dorothy

10.    Bible Readings: 

The Battle is the Lords – 2 Chronicles 20:1-4, 13-17, 20-22

Good wins over Evil – Revelation 20:1-10, 14-15

The Christmas Story – Luke 2:8-16

11.    -Hymn 69 – The Great Redeemer

Band set up during Hymn

12.    Church Brass Band – Christmas Tunes

Include Carol with the Band if time permits

13.    Hymn 14: - News from Heaven

Optional - Band members move off during Hymn

14.    Message – Rodney Gray

15.    Congregation – Hymn 53  The Ultimate Victory

Benediction – Numbers 6:24-26


Saturday, November 23, 2019

The Battle is the Lords: How Can We Help?

The Battle is the Lords: How Can We Help? Isaiah 40:31 

Hymn 26:  God’s Master Plan

The Lord’s Prayer from Luke 11:2-4

Psalm 95:1-6  – God of Creation

Bible Readings: -                                             

·     David Plans for the Temple:  1 Chronicles 28:2-4, 11-13, 20-21

·     Prepare to be Ready:  Luke 19:11-26

Hymn 115:  God’s Truth Will Prevail  

·     David was not allowed to build the Temple, but he prepared for the task

·     The Nobleman told his servants to “Occupy till I come”

·     We know that God has instructed us to do what is right as we await the fulfillment of the Scriptures

·     As we wait on the Lord we should seek to understand His expectations of us and plan how to be ready

·     God’s Plan for this world culminates with the return of Jesus Christ; are you planning your life to be ready and to be changed from a mortal to an immortal state at His return.

Hymn 49:  Making Our contribution Humbly


Saturday, November 2, 2019

The Battle is the Lords: The Power of Prayer

Outline of Service 10th November 2019

The Battle is the Lords: The Power of Prayer Isaiah 37: 

Hymn 128:  Sound His Praise Abroad

The Lord’s Prayer from Luke 11:2-4

Psalm 18:46-50  – God’s Deliverance

Bible Readings: -                                             

·     Hezekiah’s Answer to Prayer:  Isaiah 37:1-5, 14-20, 33-37

·     Jesus Cleanses the Temple:  Matthew 21:12-32

Hymn 125:  Pray for Preservation  

·     Hezekiah was faced with a humanly impossible situation

·     He prayed to God and exhorted others to praise God for deliverance

·     God miraculously fought the battle for them, and they did not have to fight

·     Jesus said what ever we ask for in prayer, believing, we will receive

·     We must ask God to win the battle between good and evil in us and seek to be delivered from evil so that Satan will have no power over us

·     We live in a time when we can pray to be preserved in spirit and soul and body to be kept alive until Jesus Christ returns and see the devil’s power globally overcome by God. 

Hymn 59:  Universal Restoration


Monday, October 28, 2019

Meditating on God's Word

Outline of Service 27th October 2019

Supplementary Service

Meditating on God’s word – Psalm 1:2

 Due to unforeseen circumstances the scheduled Outline was not used, but this supplementary outline based on MEDITATION was presented.  The same hymns as per the initial Outline were sung.


The Lord’s Prayer from Luke 11:2-4

Psalm 1: 1-6 - For strong foundations

Bible Readings:                                                

·     Joshua 1: 1-8 - To know what’s right

·     1 Tim 4: 1-16 -To shape our minds


·     The Bible encourages us to “meditate on the law” and consider God’s instructions to us for how he wants us to live

·     Meditation can bring us relief, understanding, and greater self-awareness.

·     Even a small, simple meditation practice can lift us up from the ‘every day’, help us to develop our relationship with God, and help us to become the best versions of ourselves

·     When Jesus Christ returns, will we be mentally ready to be part of his Elect?