Saturday, October 24, 2015

Sydney Service Outline 11th October 2015

Outline of Service 11th October 2015

More Than Conquerors  Romans 8:37

Hymn 106: God’s Truth Will Stand
The Lord’s Prayer from Luke 11:2-4
Psalm 91:1-11:  The Lord’s Abiding Protection

Bible Readings:                                                   
God fights Israel’s Battles:  Joshua 10:1-14, 42-3; 11:23
Paul Battles:  2 Corinthians 11:17-28
The Battle is The Lord’s:  Romans 8:1-2, 14-25, 31-39

Hymn 126 (Tune 44):  Jehovah Conquers All
·        God conquered Joshua’s enemies and won his battles
·        God will help us to win our battles and conquer our enemy
·        But we can be more than conquerors if we let God fight for us
·        In quietness and peace let us seek to God to fight our battles for us
·        We have the hope of immortality if God overcomes the evil in our flesh.

Hymn 83:  The Final Victory

Sydney Service Summary 23rd August 2015

Outline of Service 23rd August 2015

Confirmation of God’s Leadership   Joshua 6:2

Hymn 135:  The Benefits of Praise
The Lord’s Prayer from Luke 11:2-4
Psalm 67:1-7  Let the People Praise Thee

Bible Readings:                                                   
 Confirmation of God’s Power:  Joshua 6:1-27
A Promised Victory:  John 6:30-51

Hymn 64:  A Personal confirmation
·        Conquering Jericho was proof of God’s Power
·        The people obeyed and God gained the victory
·        Jesus said eating the manna is like obeying God’s commandments
·        Sometimes God’s commandments seem hard because they are easy – but different! 
·        Conquering Jericho is like overcoming the evil in us – God will do it if we ask! 
·        Let our life be a witness showing praise God to those around us. 

Hymn 100:  Living Bread

Service Outline Sydney Church 13th September 2015

Outline of Service 13th September 2015

Let us Go into the House of the Lord   Psalm 122:1

Hymn 15 – Tune 96: Upheld by God’s Hand
The Lord’s Prayer from Luke 11:2-4
Psalm 122:1-9:  They shall prosper that love Thee

Bible Readings:                                                   
Obedience Brings God’s Blessings:  Joshua 7:2-6, 10-11, 13-22; 8:1-6, 14-18, 30-31, 34-35
God Can’t be Fooled:  Acts 5:1-11
Preparation for the Battle:  Romans 7:14-25

Hymn 134:  Chosen Servants
·        Joshua won the battle when God was with Israel
·        We must always tell God the truth
·        We can’t win the battle while the evil remains within us
·        Let us confess to God and ask Him to overcome the battle against Satan in our lives
·        The objective is preservation of spirit and soul and body – when Jesus Christ returns
·        The strategy is obedience! 

Hymn 49:  God Ordains the Victory

The Paper Editorial October 2015 Reboot!

The Paper October 2015

Most of us get that sinking feeling when our phone comes up with the message saying an update is available – “Do you want to download it now”.  My first thought is always – but will it come back up again if I do! What will I do if I am confronted with a blank screen after the “update”! Will I remember the required passwords to get the service running again!  The fact is that the manufacturer has come up with an improved design, and we can only get the benefit of this if we close-down the existing system (let go of what we have) and upgrade (accept to promise of something better).   

Now I know Apple owners will probably not agree with me, but I find that if I try to leave my computer turned on permanently after a few days something does not respond properly, but after I turn it off and on again, all is well and it goes back to operating normally! I guess this reboot is somewhat like giving the computer a rest.

One of the most frustrating times is when you are in a hurry to turn off your computer, and the message comes up “Don’t turn off your computer it is installing new software updates -  Installing update 3 of 27” or some similar message.  Even computers need time-out – either to reset or update!

But what about us? Do you include time in your schedule for “rebooting” or “updating”? Some people seem to be like that battery powered toy in the add – that keeps on keeping on …until it stops!  At a very basic level the Bible has always recommended a weekly rest for each of us.  One of the Ten Commandments is “Remember the Sabbath (seventh) day, to keep it holy”.  (Exodus chapter 20, verse 8)  This is acknowledging that each of us needs to include time to divert from our regular routine activities and do or think about something different for a change.  This diversion from our routine will refresh us and when we return to our regular activities we will be able to cope better with the challenges that face us. 

A theological question that people ponder over is, in accordance with the Bible account, how many days did God take to create the Earth.  The most common answer is six, but others will say seven – the seven including the Day of Rest at the completion of the task, it being included as an integral part of the process. If the Creator of the Universe saw fit to take a day of rest after completing His job, how much more, then, might it be to our benefit to do so.

Generally we can categorise the running of our lives into three main general areas summed up under the old adage that we would like to be “healthy, wealthy and wise”.  If we would like to use three W’s these might translate to - Wellness, Wealth and Wisdom.  Within each of these life areas we need to stop and consider (rest) to assess where we are, where we have been and where we want to be, and then plan the most appropriate way to bridge the gap to the future desired state.  Whilst together these three areas form a holistic life style, we can better develop our approach by considering them separately, then bringing them together.  For example, if we want to be well we must plan to have both physical exercise and rest, if we want to be wealthy we need to review our financial strategy (perhaps including the process of multiplying by division) and if necessary reboot activities which seem to have stalled and not be afraid of change, and to reboot wisdom we need to adopt an attitude of life-long-learning, refuting unfounded or ill-founded attitudes for proven and traditional approaches which have worked for past generations.  The working together of the  outcomes from each area will bring an integrated life-style which will be of great benefit to each individual.

With Christmas fast approaching (we will probably be hearing Christmas Carols in the shops again soon after this edition of The Paper is issued) we will no doubt again be reminded of the Three Wise Men who made the epic journey from “The East” to see the Baby Jesus.  They are well known because of the gifts they brought – gold, frankincense and myrrh.  Interestingly enough, whilst based on some conjecture and possible symbology, these three gifts can be equated to the three aspects of life we have referred to above.  Gold represents wealth, frankincense can be seen to represent wisdom – used in praise and prayer rituals in the Old Testament - and myrrh represents wellness, being recognised for its healing power.

Over the coming Festive Season why don’t you try to plan to take a rest from your routines and reflect on the key issues of life.  Through such a rest you may be able to reboot or upgrade your life routines to help you to be able to work better and more effectively afterwards.  Christians believe that the birth of Jesus represented a water shed in the history of this World, and that the subsequent events of His death and resurrection brought reconciliation with the Great Creator, and His eventual return to this Earth will usher in a period referred to in the Bible as a time of “promised rest”.

We would like to invite you to come and talk more about the true meaning of Christmas, and the gift of God to all people that was made possible through the birth of Jesus, and the promises in Scripture for the times ahead.  We would like to invite you to contact us, or a Church in your local Community, to discuss these issues.  Feel free to contact us at any time.  We will be holding our Pre-Christmas Celebrations over the weekend 5-6th December and invite you to join us at the Church.  Please see other details in this Paper for times of Meetings at the Christian Israelite Church Sanctuary at 196 Campbell Street – we have been in continuous service there since 1853 helping to meet the needs of people in a changing society. 

Rodney Gray – Pastor Christian Israelite Church, 196 Campbell Street, Sydney ( or visit