Thursday, April 9, 2015

Service Sydney Church 12th April 2015 Outline

Outline of Service 12th April 2015

God hath Spoken  Psalm 50:1

Hymn 121 (Tune 115):  God is Moving
The Lord’s Prayer from Luke 11:2-4
Psalm 50:1-6, 14-15, 23: The Heavens shall declare His Righteousness

Bible Readings:                                                   
David sees God’s Promises fulfilled:  2nd Samuel  2:1-3; 3:1, 12-18; 5:1-5 
The Way Forward :  John 17:1-6, 13-17
Tomorrow Might be Different:  Acts 9:1-9

Hymn 100:  Day by Day

·        God directs the end from the beginning
·        God’s promises to David were fulfilled
·        God’s promises to us will be fulfilled
·        The World will be reconciled to God
·        Let us hold on to the hope of being preserved in spirit and soul and body to witness Jesus Christ as Lord and King over all the Earth.

Hymn 59:  Ultimate Reconciliation