Saturday, September 7, 2013

Outline of Service 22nd September 2013

Buy... without Money   Isaiah 55:1

Hymn 68:  Satisfying Spiritual Hunger  
The Lord’s Prayer Luke 11:2-4
God Calls:  Isaiah 55:1-3, 8-13

Bible Readings:
God Provides:  1 Kings 17:1-16
Feeding Spirit, Soul and Body:  Mark 6:30-52

Hymn 100:  The Living Bread
·        God provides for His people despite worldly circumstances
·        Jesus used temporal food as an illustration of our spiritual need 
·        God’s People will find more in the Bible than those who look at it just as a book or story!
·        God shows a Plan for the Universe, Our World, and each individual life in the Bible
·        Let us seek to live depending on the Word of God 
·        Jesus said If a man keep my saying, he shall never see death –  we believe that ‘s true!

Hymn 123:  An Inward Work