Saturday, March 19, 2011

Sydney Service 27th March 2011

Outline of Service 27th March 2011

Road Blocks
What wilt Thou have me to do?
Acts 9:6

Hymn 102: Keep On Keeping On!

Psalm 1:1-6 – The Broad Options

Bible Readings:
A Questionable Journey – Numbers 22:10-35
Am I On the Right Road? – Acts 9:1-18
The Enemy within – Romans 7:14-25

Hymn 122 (Tune 123): The Real Obstacle

Road Blocks:
• God does use Road Blocks if we are on the wrong Road
• However most Road Blocks are because we don’t choose to be on the Right Road
• The Enemy within is the inherent evil
• Stan attracts the evil and causes us to sin!
• Don’t let the Enemy send us down the Wrong Road.

Hymn 30: The Goal Ahead


Friday, March 4, 2011

Service Sydney Church 13th March 2011

Outline of Service 13th March 2011
Last Service we looked at Where will the Journey End? – this time we consider:
Choosing the Route
We will serve the Lord
Joshua 24:15

Hymn 129: A Perfect Example

Psalm 1:1-6 – The Broad Options

Bible Readings:
An Offering in Righteousness – Malachi 3:1-7, 16-18
Sanctification - The Special Route – Joshua 24:1-2, 13-24
Care, Concern and Commitment – Matthew 7:13-29

Hymn 47: Faith and Obedience

Choosing the Route:
• God has offered life to all
• There is a route through forgiveness and one through obedience
• The forgiveness route is based on faith and life in the resurrection
• The sacrifice of righteousness can lead to life without death
• Choose you this day whom ye will serve – God will do the rest!

Hymn 79: The Light of Life