Monday, August 22, 2011

Service Sydney 28th August 2011

Outline of Service 28th August 2011

Hebrews Chapter 11: People of Faith – Abraham and Sarah
By faith Abraham and Sarah……obeyed and received strength
Heb 11: 8, 11

Hymn 6: A Personal Vision

Psalm 105:1-10, 39-45 – The Covenant with Abraham will abide to a thousand Generations

Bible Readings:
Abraham called – Gen 12:1-7
The Covenant Renewed – Gen 17:1-8
Faith and works – James 2:14-26
Faith, obedience and strength – Hebrews 11:8-16

Hymn 28: A Blessing to all Nations

• Abraham and Sarah both had faith in God
• They received strength and believed God’s promises
• God’s Covenant of Life passed through Abraham and is still offered today
• We can have faith to experience the promise of eternal life – living with God in His Kingdom on Earth – that Abraham saw afar off

Hymn 21: Faith in God’s Strength