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Galatians - Teaching us about Intent Sydney Church 25th June 2017


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Outline of Service 25th June 2017

Galatians – Teaching us about Intent

Hymn 72: Looking forward to Jesus’ return

The Lord’s Prayer from Luke 11:2-4

Psalm 139:1-7, 15-16, 22-24 – God knows our heart and our intent

Bible Readings:                                                  

·     God’s Law is for our good – Deuteronomy 6: 1-7, 24-25

·     The pre-eminence of Jesus Christ and the Gospel – Gal. 1:1-12

·     Justification is not through Law – Gal. 2:16-21

·     Let’s be led by (fruits of) the spirit – Gal. 5:14, 18-25

Hymn 90:  Living the Lifestyle

·     Letter of Galatians is to a young church struggling with conflicting messages – trying to understand how the law fits in with the gospel

·     There is a message to those who re inspired to combine law and gospel

·     The Gospel shapes our intent; the law is our action; but the law doesn’t justify a person before God

·     Pursue a life of holiness, not in your own strength but through the knowledge and comfort of God’s empowering grace in your life

 Hymn 34: Help us be better people


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